The visit to Fagali begins with the Fagali airport. The airport is not the most modernized airport in the world, but it serves its purpose. There is one terminal and one paved runway that is operated by Polynesian Airlines. The airport itself has a long history and was actually closed for some time because the local villagers complained about the noise and environmental effects. Most local resorts and hotels can be reached within minutes from the hotel.

What to do?

There are several things to do while visiting Fagali. The island is full of activities and some are close to the hotel and include the Royal Samoa Golf Course. A must stop is the Samoa Cultural Village. It is free admission to visitors and will give a close-up view of the Samoan way of life. Enjoy watching artisans make baskets as well as other items, and watch how the traditional foods are made and enjoy a sample or two. See what daily life is for the Samoan people.

The beautiful waters

There are plenty of activities that involve being near or in the lovely blue waters. Learn how to snorkel and meet some of the life found under the waters. There is plenty of beautiful fish to see. There are boat tours, and motorcycles are available for rental to cruise the shoreline.

Other activities

There are plenty of other activities and restaurants to enjoy. Consider trying some local foods at the Marketi Fou food and flea market. Find some treasures to bring back from the trip. There are many places that will make perfect backdrops for photos that include beautiful vistas and ancient temples. The airport may not be modernized, but there are plenty of things to do and see while visiting.