The Oxford Club is known for providing people with useful investment recommendations. Let’s discuss the Oxford Club, their memberships and other information you’ll want to know.

About The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club consists of a group of private investors located around the globe. It is a financial publisher that is independently owned and it’s based in Baltimore, Maryland. Those who become members of the Oxford Club receive tips, advice and strategies on how to achieve wealth and how to preserve wealth, as well as how to achieve market-beating returns. As of now, over 80,000 people are members of the Oxford Club, and they are located in 100 different countries.

Trading recommendations, monthly newsletters and investment research services are offered by the Oxford Club. They also hosts investment excursions, financial seminars and symposiums. Its parent company is The Agora, which was once known as Agora Incorporated.


The CEO of the Oxford Club is Julia Guth. She works alongside a talented team of publishing professionals, as well as a team of sales/marketing, editorial, operations and customer service professionals. There are expert strategists that are part of the Oxford Club are considered authorities in various aspects of investments, such as income investing, cryptocurrencies and trading options to name a few.

Membership Levels

There’s three memberships offered by the Oxford Club. These memberships include:

  1. Premier Membership- Those who have this membership pay for one of the Club’s publications. It is an introductory membership, but there are many benefits members get to enjoy.
  2. Director’s Circle Membership- These members are lifelong members and the membership is aimed at investors who are fully committed to the Club. Members receive access to all the newsletters and if they want, their memberships can be bequeathed to family members.
  3. Chairman’s Circle Membership- This is the most privileged membership the Oxford Club has. It gives members special access to various features of the website and they receive access to all publications that the Oxford Club has.

More information about the memberships and the Oxford Club can be found on the Club’s official website.