Hussain Sajwani is one of the few Dubai nationals who have established themselves in the international market. The businessman is respected as one of the leading real estate experts in the world because of all his accomplishments. The real estate expert has made his name in the market due to the success of his company, known as DAMAC Properties. The real estate sector is not an easy one. Very few people have the resources and capital to make investments in this department, and this is why most people cannot afford to make their investments there. Hussain has managed to conquer the competitive market, becoming one of the most successful real estate company leaders in the entire world.


Although the UAE native has enjoyed a lot of success in the recent times, he has had to ensure a lot of hardships when he was growing up in his country. When Hussain Sajwani was born many years ago, his parents were working in the country as ordinary middle-class investors who had very little income. His father was a businessman who owned a shop in the city, and he used the money he earned from the store to educate his son and make him a respected entrepreneur in the country.


Hussain was fortunate when growing up. Whenever his father was going to the shop, he would take Hussain with him so that he could keep him company in the store. The trips to the shop enabled the young man to have enough exposure of the market when he was still very little. By the time he was finishing his education, Hussain was already experienced in matters concerning the business world. Learn more:


After finishing his education in best learning institutions in the country, the DAMAC owner was fortunate to acquire enough capital so that he could venture into the hospitality world where he made a lot of wealth. The profits from the food company were used to start DAMAC Properties. The real estate firm has managed to work with prominent people in the entire world, Donald Trump included. The Hussain Sajwani family traveled to the US this year to spend time with the American president, proving that the two were close business associates. Learn more: