Brad Reifler is a major player in the world of investing. He has been around for many years and held powerful positions at some of the largest money management firms in the country. He grew up in California and was a good student. He was accepted into Bowdoin college and he graduated with honors.

He decided to go into business for himself after he completed his studies. He assembled a team that consisted of some of the brightest people he met while he was in college.

He then launched the Reifler Trading Corporation focusing on global derivative execution. The company was wildly successful and made Brad a very wealthy man.

Brad Reifler still had a hunger to accomplish more after the success of his first business venture. He would eventually start other companies like Reifler Capital Management. The companies that he started would eventually be sold for a nice profit. He also spent time running a pair of huge financial companies that handled many millions of dollars in assets.

Pali Capital was the first of the big companies that he worked at as Chief Executive Officer. He did a great job while he was there. The investors were always raving about Brad’s leadership and business acumen. He then decided to move on to Forefront Capital. His tenure at this company was equally successful.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler has managed to achieve what very few other people in the financial industry have been able to do. He has managed to remain relevant over a very long period of time. It is common for people to start being passed over for big positions in the financial world after they reach the age of 50.

However, Brad Reifler has managed to defy this trend. He continues to be a major player because of his ability to make money for the people who invest with him.

He admits that he would have been washed up and forgotten a long time ago if he did not have a vast knowledge of the foreign and domestic markets. This has made his services in high demand among the elite investors.