The United States of America is the home of the American Institute of architects. This wonderful institution is being run by Robert Ivy. Robert Ivy took over as chief executive officer seven years ago and the organization has been better ever sense. It is his goal to prepare the field of architecture for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. He does this by using his Institute to train and equip and teach the skills and techniques necessary in order to build buildings in these new times.

This initiative began long before Robert Ivy came to become CEO. For quite some time the members at the American Institute of architects were asking for ways to unite the needs of the environment with the needs of the average American citizen. Architects wanted to be aware of climate change and public health and environmental sustainability as they created the gorgeous structures.

Robert Ivy knew this was a wonderful vision to support and so he began restructuring the American Institute of architects in order to make this happen. He began to align their gifts and their passions with this vision and trained and equipped the various executives so they could accomplish this vision when it came across their desks.

Once his organization was situated in such a way that they could begin promoting this kind of change he was ready to announce to the world what the American Institute of architects was all about. It was during a dinner at the Clinton Foundation they he announced to everyone present what the American Institute of architects was going to do. With the permission of the Clintons, he stood up in front of everyone and dedicated his organization to what they referred to as the decade of design. This decade of design initiative was a solution to the current problems facing the field. Over the next 10 years, the American Institute of architects would research and develop solutions to help architects as they planned for their structures to promote public health, be resilient to the environment, and also sustain the climate.

A standing ovation was his reward for announcing this wonderful initiative. In order to continue promoting this change, Robert Ivy took on several key no addresses in order to sway the minds of many architects. He has begun implementing this mindset into various schools and he hopes that one day change will come.