Stream Energy has been gaining in popularity inside and out of the Dallas, Texas, area by providing people with energy services, communications services and mobile medical services. Stream’s workers are individual bosses who obtain and maintain their own client base with Stream Energy. Not only is the business side of Stream growing, the company instills a strong ethic of returning to the local and regional community.

Stream Cares is the name of the charitable organization that Stream Energy has founded due to the expanding charitable side of the company. So far employees have built solid, permanent charitable ties with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross which enables employees greater opportunity for giving back. When a bad tornado hit the North Texas area, Stream employees sprang into action the next day combining man power with the Salvation Army to raise thousands of dollars for the victims.

Another example is Stream employees working with an organization called “Once In A Lifetime” that provides personal and financial support to Dallas area service Veterans and their families. Both organizations provided Christmas lunch and presents the next day for the children.

Stream Cares is also working with an organization called Hope Supply Co. Homelessness is a major problem in the Dallas area with a 24% increase amongst the population. Employees from Stream Energy and Hope Supply Co. Have been working together to provide much needed esentials to the homeless population’s children from daytrips to food, clothing, and school supplies for four years thus far.

It is quite evident that Stream Energy cares for all people in their community whether they are customers or not. It has become more of a standard in business that companies branch out into philanthropic pursuits and Stream Energy has become the gold standard in giving back to the community. To read the original article about Stream’s volunteer efforts, please click here.