The United States has of recent times faced some economic instability and crisis. Perhaps being a super nation this has drawn attention from all over the world. This has created an all-around talk on social media platforms. However, the most outstanding of all is the 21 hours twitter talk by American businessman Shervin Pishevar. In his 50 twitter messages breakdown, he narrated and highlighted some of the key issues in the American economy. Shervin Pishevar is known for his correct predictions. Pishevar said that the economy of the United States of America ought to deteriorate in the coming months.

He argued that the American most popular form of cryptocurrency known as the bitcoin will continue to decrease in value. However, Pishevar added that Bitcoin will eventually stabilise and increase in its value over a couple of months. On the contrary opinion Shervin Pishevar said that he has high hopes for the economy and became optimistic that the global prices of Gold will rise in response to the economic crisis. The businessman is known for his many accolades and experience. He expressed his concern over the United States ignoring the big five industrial giant companies. The five giant tech companies include Amazon, Apple, Google, Alphabet and Microsoft. Shervin Pishevar referred to them as the key players in influencing the economy of the United States.

Shervin Pishevar tweets explain the real economic situation in the United States and goes ahead to argue that a financial failure for the US would create a new beginning. He, however, remains optimistic that the American economy will rise again in no time. In 2008, Shervin predicted that Facebook would be under crisis and eventually it came to pass. Therefore, his predictions comes at a similar occasion where the world is anticipating his 21 hours tweet on an economic storm. In one of his tweets, Pishevar accuses the government and companies of shallow thinking. He said that such school of thought has left the country’s infrastructure in a critical condition. In one of his tweets, Shervin Pishevar argued that giant companies and the decision makers in government should desist from making unwise decisions.