Success Academy was founded in 2006 in New York City. It has grown to be the largest, and highest-performing free, public charter school network in the United States. This innovative class is open to all New York City children including children with disabilities and children who are learning English for the first time.



School Facts

Success Academy currently has 41 different schools with 14,000 students spread out in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. A staggering 76 percent of its students come from low-income families, and they are chosen by a random lottery that is drawn every April. Around 8.5 percent of its students are English-language learners, 15 percent are special needs students, and overall 93 percent are children of color.



A Different Approach

 Success Academy believes in a strong foundation and a very hands-on approach to learning. In elementary school; students are taught to enjoy learning by reading both fiction and nonfiction books, finding their voices to answer questions, working together on class projects, and discovering artistic talents. The students move on to middle school, and the foundation building continues. In middle school, students are introduced to college-ready courses and standards. Students are taught to master a subject and the importance of critical thinking. They offer outlets for energy in the form of electives. These electives range from debate and chess to musical theater and robotics. The final step at Success Academy is high school. The high school program is focused intently on getting students ready to thrive at four-year universities. The curriculum focuses on critical thinking, problem-solving, public speaking, and academic writing. The students and parents meet with a counselor to discover what school is the best fit for each student. Success Academy also offers several scholarships, internships, STEM diplomas, and electives.


Success Academy is setting the bar for public education. Students are given a platform to thrive and go on to any college with the experience and full preparation they need to excel.