The field of inmate communication has been growing rapidly in the last few years, and it is all because of the aspiring companies like Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies has played a pivotal role in transforming the inmate communication and prison technology field. The company regularly invests in research and development and continues to innovate the existing technologies as well bring new tech to the fore. The main aim of the firm is to modernize the incarceration experience for the inmates and provide them with the means to communicate with their loved ones without having to spend a fortune.



There are many other companies in the field, but Securus Technologies is known to offer cheapest rates on calling cards and phone services. Recently, the company announced that it has invested $600 million in research and development as well as patent acquisition, which means that the products and services offered by the company would get much more enhanced in the time to come. Securus Technologies offers a wide range of services such as phone services, calling cards, video services, video visitation, kiosks, money transfer service, and more. Such services have helped tremendously in modernizing the incarceration experience of the inmates to a great extent and have also helped in reducing the stress from their lives. It has in a way also helped in reducing the crime rate inside the prison.



Many of the law enforcement agencies have reported a drastic reduction in the crime rate in their prison after integrating the products and services of Securus Technologies. The company maintains highest standards in providing services to the customers, and it is reflected in the fact that it won the Golden Stevie Awards the first time the company participated in the competition, where thousands of other companies from different countries and sectors participate.



In an attempt to help the people know more about how Securus Technologies is helping the field of law enforcement, prison technology, and crime prevention, Securus Technologies recently published a news release online. In the media release, the company posted parts of letters it received from the law enforcement officials from across the country. Law enforcement officials feel that the products and services of the company have helped them work efficiently and provide better security to the people as well reduce crime rate drastically in and outside of prison. The products and services of the firm are being used by over 1.2 million prisoners across the country, and close to 3,400 law enforcement agencies and correction agencies use its products and services.



The CEO of Securus Technologies also invited the investors and customers of the company to visit its technology center situated in Dallas, Texas. As a law enforcement officer myself, I have noticed that the services offered by Securus are very helpful in doing our duty and keeping a check on the criminals. I hope Securus Technologies continue to work with the same determination as it does now in the future.