Boraie Development is considered to be one of the biggest development companies in the United States. The company is headquartered in New Jersey, and most of its development projects are found in the New Brunswick region. Boraie Development was founded five years ago, and it has transformed the city significantly. So far, the construction company has managed to develop multi-use facilities. These facilities have attracted many clients from different parts of the world. Boraie Development has played a crucial role in the revitalization of the Atlantic City. The region suffered a big blow after the economic crisis, and it is still trying to recover.

The leaders of the dominant company say that the completed projects are just the start of more and better plans of the institution to redevelop the city. Bloomberg in an article says that Boraie Development is believed to have a long term strategy that is focused on making sure that the big city continues to grow. Apart from constructing major projects in the city, the development company has been involved in different partnerships that are based in different areas. These partners are responsible for managing, developing and selling the high-end facilities to clients.

Sam Boraie is currently one of the leaders of the construction company, see, The successful businessman was born several years ago by an Egyptian real estate developer. His father, Omar Boraie started the Boraie Development. Omar served as the chief executive officer of the company for some years. After resuming the leadership of the business, Sam Boraie has been working hard to ensure that the family business is successful, reaching its targets. Sam Boraie runs the institution with the help of his sisters and brothers.

Sam Boraie spends most of his time at Boraie Development. However, the businessman is also involved in noble causes in the community. The entrepreneur wants to make sure that the people in the region live a comfortable life. Sam is believed to have a particular interest in the popular State Theatre NJ. Sam Boraie is a member of the board of trustees in the institution. Together with other people in business in the region, Sam has worked hard to make the organization successful.

The State Theatre in New Jersey was founded to act as a cultural center where different communities in the city can interact. The activities in the facility depend mostly on charitable donations from Sam Boraie and other philanthropists in the country. Most of the donations are believed to be from the development company.  The charity organization was established to break the poverty cycle in the communities living in New Jersey. The company has played a huge role in ending hunger, introducing healthy and safe foods and at the same time creating successful businesses. Many people in the country have benefited from the institution. For more info on Boraie Realty Development and New Brunswick, visit