There are many people around the works who are regarded as successful. Ryan Seacrest is one of these people. He has over the years created a career and personality that has really set him apart and put hi9m in his own lane. His story is one of great success through great hard work. His story could really inspire others.

Ryan Seacrest was born on December 24, 1974. He is from Atlanta Georgia and was raised by his father and mother. His father was a successful real estate agent. His parents knew from a young age that young Ryan would be special, and he was. Asa youth he went to Dunwoody High School. During this time, he won an internship at a local radio station which he wanted to pursue. This internship was at the station WSTR which was hosted by tom Sullivan. Tom Sullivan was the man who would teach Seacrest the ways of radio. He excelled at it and before long was hosting some shows himself and this was all still during his high school year. When it came time to go to college Ryan Seacrest chose to attend the university of Georgia. He majored in journalism but soon left.

Ryan Seacrest left to pursue his career as he felt he didn’t need a college degree. He relocated to Hollywood California where he started auditioning to host shows. This pr90ved to be fruitful as during this time he started to host a slew of shows that would slowly overtime elevate him into the public spotlight. His first show was Radical Outdoor challenge a show on ESPN. He also hosted a show called Wild Animal Games in 1995. His career as a host led to his ultimate success and fame because in 2002 he started hosting the show American Idol. This show became imme3bnsekly popular and acclaimed and Ryan Seacrest was there the whole time. This lead to him becoming successful and known.

Since hosting the show Ryan Seacrest and started doing a radio show and producing TV shows. He is known a creative force in media in general. His personality is what got him the spot he has and he is truly successful.

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