There are few who have not seen the show, American Idol. This show took national acclaim very quickly, especially with its original and talented host, Ryan Seacrest. This TV show was also the major turning point in Ryan Seacrest’s career, earning his not only an Emmy award for his performance, but it put him into the spotlight on a national level. There are many people who have openly questioned how come it appears that they see and hear Ryan Seacrest everywhere they go, and this is because he is one of the most active and busy men in the entire industry. Ryan personally hosts three different radio shows today and has guested on hundreds of others over the years.

Ryan also does the Live With Ryan and Kelly show while managing his own personal production studio. He has been famous for his red carpet interviews for years, which he still does regularly. He manages his own men’s clothing line as well. Last but surely not least, Ryan Seacrest manages his own philanthropic organization, known as the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, helping children that are sick or bedridden in hospitals around the country. Ryan started this organization back in 2010 and it is still growing to this day, with more expansions coming in the near future according to their website at

According to Ryan Seacrest, his passion and career really started back when he was a teenager and he experienced radio and talk shows for the first time. The empowering feeling of speaking to others through a microphone was all Ryan needed to continue with radio. At the time, Ryan Seacrest was attending the University of Georgia to earn his journalism degree, but he quickly left this behind to pursue a career in Hollywood after his first radio experience. Starting in the 1990’s Ryan began his first radio show, and since 2004 he has hosted On Air With Ryan Seacrest which is heard by millions all over the nation.

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