Roseann Bennett is the co-founder of the Center For Assessment And Treatment. Bennet is an experienced Marriage and Family Therapist with over a decade in the field. Certainly, this licensed professional has vast experience in the mental health field and is aware of the type of therapies that are most beneficial to her patients. After working on an inpatient status for numerous years, Roseann Bennett realized that the former inpatients required ongoing liaisons outside and established the Center For Assessment and Treatment, which is involved with outpatient treatment.


New Canine Treatment


Today, Roseann Bennett and her husband operate and manage the Center For Assessment and Treatment. One of the keys to success to managing this type of outpatient treatment center is involved with creating new curriculum’s that address the patient’s mental health issues. Roseann Bennet is one professional that is responsible for creating numerous curriculum that are designed to benefit the clients at the Center For Assessment and Treatment. Now, Roseann Bennet is focused on bringing a new type of curriculum or treatment to the center, which is canine assisted therapy.


Canine History


Canine Assisted Therapy is not something that is new. Canines have been involved in assisting people with various productive tasks through the ages. Often, the animals referred to are dogs that are trained to assist their human companions. Various studies by those in the scientific community discovered that the canine assistants are very responsive to humans and have a very symbiotic relationship. Bennet is one mental health professional that firmly believes in Canine Assisted Therapy, and has recently welcomed a canine assistant to the Center For Assessment And Treatment. Bennet is focused on adding improvements that will move the center forward in treating their clients. The co-founder of the Center For Assessment And Treatment has very high hopes for this new curriculum and treatment. See This Article for more information on Bennett’s activities.