Cybercrime is on the rise and many are ignorant of the threat. The issue is so clear that both Obama and Trump are on the same page. Obama proposed $19 billion cybersecurity budget and Trump signed an executive order focused on building digital defense. Estimates for damages caused by cybercrime range between $300-$500 billion for 2013-2015 (YahooNews) . Recently, hospitals in the UK suffered ransomware attacks, many think it’s the tip of the iceberg.


Ransomware is a malicious code that hackers can easily deploy via “phishing” scams. I was recently victim of a phishing scam that made me rethink my safety. Phishing involves sending victims a seemingly legitimate email that appears to be from someone they know that includes a link and/or attachment. Once this link/attachment is clicked, the malicious code (which ranges from ransomware, Trojan horse, etc) takes effect. Ransomware is a popular new method for hackers to lock your computer and demand payment to regain access.


Luckily there are companies like Rubica that are now offering personal cyber security that rival the protection big corporations and institutions employ for themselves. Just signing up and downloading their app provides 24 hour security monitoring.