19th October 2017 marked a significant day in the history of stock market business. On the same day in 1987, the stock market experienced a heavy crash without prior indicators or attributors. Anniversaries are mostly known to entail celebrations, this case was different. Not even a single stock market player would wish to recall whatever happened that Monday. Many have actually described the events of that day to be the worst ever in the stock market history.

According to Alexander Green, The Oxford Club’s chief investment strategist, the stock market had peaked 2 months before eventually going down on that day. He points out that not even a single player would have detected the events of that Monday a day before. Alexander affirms that the 1987 stock market crash wasn’t triggered by any of the possible factors including government failure, equity evaluation, and currency collapse.

With regulators putting changes into the industry, flash crashes continue to occur. A notable one is the August 24, 2015 scenario that registered 1,100 points within the first 5 minutes of the day’s trading. It’s important for players to understand that not even bonds are immune to this kind of crash. Other flash crashes were experienced in May 2010 and October 2014.

Key lessons

Alexander Green of the Oxford Club reminds traders that stock market bolts can be affected at any time without indicators. Therefore, players shouldn’t treat the current calmness as a norm. It’s necessary for traders to be proactive in their operations. According to him, stockholders should focus on quality, proper allocation of assets, hold cash, make use of trailing stops and diversify their assets whenever the stock market nears its peak. It’s the safest way to do business at that moment.

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