In 1909, the journey to building one of the world’s largest food and meat processing company started. OSI Industries began its road to a widely recognized company as a butcher store under the management of a German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. A century later, with years of brilliance, OSI Industries is a market leader raking revenue of $ 6.1 billion and having being ranked by Forbes as a top private business.

Today, the Group employs over 20000 people from all corners of the globe as well as run 65 facilities that have located in 17 different countries. With Sheldon Lavin’s exemplary leadership, the company has experienced tremendous growth through new acquisitions, product diversification, and expansion of operating territories. OSI Industries previously known as Otto & Sons changed to its current name after the restructuring of management and leadership positions in 1975. Sheldon Lavin, the company’s current CEO, came in as a partner and started to participate in its management, development and growth processes fully. Visit to learn more about OSI Industries.

In 2016, the Group moved to Europe and managed to buyout Baho Foods, a Dutch-based company that operated in both Netherlands and Germany. Baho Foods was bought primarily to establish a presence in the European market as well as business growth. Later in the same year, the Flagship Europe came under OSI Group’s management rebranding it to Creative Foods Europe in 2018. Back in America, the company went to a joint agreement to partner with Canada’s Select Ready Foods in 2014 and led to the creation of OSI Select Ready Foods brand. With the growth in demand for food products, the Group sought to buy one of Tyson Foods processing plants in Chicago to provide for further production capacity.

With the incorporated product diversification, some of the products OSI Industries is well known to supply include meat patties, bacon, pork, fish, poultry, hot dogs, dough products and even vegetable products. The company’s strict policies on providing quality products, produced in safe environments and safe packages have earned them recognition winning the California Green Business Award, The Globe of Honor awarded by British Safety Council in 2016 and an Environmental Recognition Award in 2018.

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