Orange Coast College, a large community college located in Costa Mesa, California, has recently received a generous $1 million donation from a former professor, Mary McChesney, that will contribute to the college’s development of a new planetarium expected to be completed by fall of 2018 (Money, 2017). According to Money’s article published in the Los Angeles Times, McChesney’s donation “will be used to fund a Foucault pendulum — a device used to demonstrate Earth’s rotation” (2017). The former professor of English and Spanish hopes the planetarium will be influential in educating a new generation of students and provide an educational resource for residents in the vicinity of the Orange County college (Money, 2017).


Located forty miles south of Los Angeles, and one of the largest community colleges in the nation, Orange Coast College serves an estimated 24,000 students every year (Orange Coast College, n.d.). Many students attend Orange Coast College with their eyes set on transferring to a four-year school in the future; it is “one of the top transfer institutions in the country” (Orange Coast College, n.d.). The college emphasizes low-cost education for the sake of helping students achieve their goals in an affordable way and thus allow them to easily apply their skills to either a trade profession or towards completing their undergraduate degree at a transfer school (Orange Coast College, n.d.).


The college offers a wide variety of academic programs to suit all students including business, consumer and health sciences, counseling, kinesiology, literature and languages, mathematics and sciences, and much more (Academic Divisions, n.d.). The college also offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities that include sports, a student newspaper, various active clubs, and events that are held throughout the year (OCC Student Life, n.d.). The college’s main offerings are two-year associates degrees, certifications, and lower-division classes that can be used to transfer to a four-year university (Orange Coast College, n.d.).




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