Mikhail is a renowned expert in matters of cancer and aging therapies. The professor of oncology renders his services at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The scientist is a graduate of the First Pavlov State Medical University where he pursued an MD in Internal Medicine. Later, Mikhail returned to his Alma mater to complete a PhD in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology.

In 2002, the scientist worked for the New York Medical College, which is based in Valhalla, as an associate professor. Later, he was recruited at the Ordway Research Institute as a senior scientist. Roswell Park Cancer Institute was impressed by Mikhail’s contribution in the field of oncology. To this end, they recruited him to serve as the company’s professor of Oncology. Over the years, Mikhail has gained valuable lessons and experiences because of working for various leading corporations. Owing to his vast knowledge on oncology and visionary leadership, Blagosklonny has been able to enhance cohesion and spearhead the research on cancer and aging at the institution.

His research has primarily zeroed in on Biogerontology, which is the underlying mechanism of aging. He has also conducted studies on cancer, targeted cancer therapies as well as anti-aging and cancer drugs. Mikhail has been serving as Cell Cycle and Oncotarget’s Editor-in-Chief. In addition, the professor is an associate editor of a renowned journal, Cancer, Biology and Therapy. He also sits on the editorial board of Cell Death and Differentiation. Read more on Impact Journals.

In one of his researches, Mikhail Blagosklonny came up with an innovative hypothesis on the role of TOR signaling in cancer and aging. He is one of the advocates of Rapamycin. This cancer drug has been used to extend the lives of cancer patients. Over the years, he has zeroed in on clinical investigations, as well as molecular and cellular biology. Most of the research focuses on protection of normal cells, anticancer therapeutics, signal transduction, apoptosis as well as ontogenesis, mitosis and tumor suppressors.

Mikhail is the brain behind the aging hyper-function theory. He has also written about cell cyclotheraphy and chemotherapeutic engineering. The professor has published over 300 research papers, reviews and book chapters. Blagosklonny is affiliated with the International Journal of Cancer, PLOS ONE, and the American Journal of Pathology. View Mikhail’s profile on Loop