For a long time, people have been eating unhealthy diets. This has resulted in health complications like overweight as well as nutritional problems. Therefore, people are looking for healthy options when it comes to meals. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

As a result, most people have come up with restaurants that specialize in offering healthy, tasty as well as affordable meals. Sweetgreen is one of the chain restaurants co-founded by Nathaniel Ru and two other friends; graduates from Georgetown University. Sweetgreen offers nutritious, tasty and affordable diets in all their restaurants.

The three founders were having a challenge in getting healthy and affordable diets while at the University. They all decided to venture into food service industry and come up with a whole new approach. Nathaniel and his friends knew that the foodservice sector needed food that is sourced from organic farmers. Read more:

This ensured that all the products they used to prepare meals didn’t have chemical residues. On top of that, they had to offer the best customer care services that will make clients come back again.

Nathaniel Ru ensured that they came up with goals that are achievable and will revolutionize the food service industry. Currently, Sweetgreen is having over 40 stores in Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, District of Colombia, Illinois, California as well as Virginia.

Sweetgreen has employed employees who are not good but better in all the operations. Nathaniel noted that restaurants, where a team has worked for a long time together, made more profits. That is why he has encouraged teamwork to ensure all the services offered to clients are satisfying.

In the early stages of Sweetgreen, things were not smooth but Nathaniel and his friends didn’t lose hope. They come up with promotional and advertisement strategies that attracted people to their business.

They played music outside their store every Saturday and Sunday. They realized that connecting music to food was making their business do well. They also came up with a mobile app that enables customers to pay at the counter. Through the mobile app paying, some amount was set aside to help teach healthy eating habits to less fortunate students.

Nathaniel Ru and his partners worked with healthy lifestyle businesses as part of their marketing strategy. They did promotions in gyms as well as fitness clubs which significantly made their business get more clients.

Nathaniel together with his partners found Sweetlife in 2010. This is a music food festival that has over 20000 attendees. The festival also features high profile musicians, top chefs, organic farmers as well as local purveyors.