Success comes in various forms, and it comes in various flavors. Some people take the easy route to success while others tend to have a less-than-conventional way of building success. Fashion designer Doe Deere has taken the less-than-conventional way to her riches, but it has paid-off dearly in the end. Deere is known as the “Unicorn Queen” by many people because her cosmetics company displays a wide range of colorful tones. This cosmetics line, known as Lime Crime, has transcended the cosmetics industry in more ways than one. Lime Crime was created as a reflection of Deere’s personal style. In addition to that, the company proudly boasts some of the most intense colors imaginable, but the products are animal cruelty-free.


Just by looking at the company’s specs alone, it is much different from other similar makeup brands. Lime Crime’s cosmetics has a fairytale twist in a sense, and its unicorn mascot represents kindness to animals. She has always had a talent for being creative as well as a talent for being business-minded. While growing-up in Russia, Deere would sell novelty products like temporary tattoos. Her childhood friends would buy the products as well as buy any other product that she was selling at the time. From the young age of 13, Deere was laying the foundation for future success. By the age of 17, she would leave her Russian home and set forth to the United States. Of course, New York City was her first stop as she had aspirations of getting into the music business. Luckily, Deere was able to join a local band, and this local band would tour in and around the city.


Deere’s clothing line, Lime Crime, was launched back in 2004, and it took about a year before the brand started generating capital. During this point in time, Deere would fabricate, would promote and would model her very own products as they were sold on Ebay. Since she already had a passion for cosmetics, Deere decided to make a complementary-product line and this is how Lime Crime cosmetics came to be. The cosmetics seemed to have gotten a much better response as it offered eye shadow, glitter, primers and brushes.


As of today, Lime Crime has gone international. The company sells its products online, and it sells its products through a few retailers. The sky is the limit for Doe Deere, but who knows what she has in store for the years to come.


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