Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert is reaping the rewards of his hard work. The former CEO of billion dollar company United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is a brilliant leader who helped the company thrive. His long list of accomplishments continue to leave a mark on the aerospace and automotive industries.

Chenevert previously worked for General Motors Canada before his tenure at UTC. The production skills that were nutured at GM helped him understand the nature of mass production in a highly-productive environment.

Chenevert graduated from HEC Montreal School of Business with a a degree in Production Management. The learned classroom skills have helped him make his production jobs more efficient and cost productive.

For as long as he can remember, Chenevert has always wanted to go into business. His passion for running a business helped him reach professional heights he previously only dreamed about. In the past 30 years, he has accomplished far more than most people in the same profession.

The University of Concordia awarded Chenevert an honorary doctorate degree in 2014.

Chenvert has also worked for a number of first-rate Canadian corporations such as Pratt & Whitney and Cargill Inc. However, it was his tenure at UTC is what put his name on the map. His leadership is continued legendary. Chenevert led UTC through a few years of very turbulent times when the economy went South.

Over the years, Chenevert has won a number of service awards for his great leadership. He currently serves on the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. Chenevert is also a an executive adviser for Goldman Sachs. He is a founding member of the Montreal Executive Advisory Board and also sits on the Yale Cancer Center Advisory Board. The National Building Museum issued him the 2009 Honor Award.

Chenevert is now semi-retired and enjoys spending time with his family.