Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) had great success in 2017 and the momentum is expected to increase in 2018. There were 752 ICOs started last year valued at over $5 billion. Below are a few expected ICO trends for 2018.

Limitations and Regulations 

In the past ICOs were focused on raising enormous amounts of money, typically between $10 million and $100 million. Because of this practice known as crowdfunding, countries have created limitations and regulations to how much money can be raised. Most companies will now aim to raise no more than $10 million.

Product Funding

In the past ICOs were dominated by the IT industry, but last year demonstrated that companies with an established product can have great success with ICOs. It is expected that other sectors will utilize ICOs in 2018.


In the past ICOs were banned in many countries because they were unknown and unregulated, but they are expected to expand this year as nations establish regulations for the currency.

Jordan Lindsey founded JCL Capital in 2005 and the company is based in San Francisco, California. He created the first fully transparent cryptocurrency bot. Jordan is a Forex trader and feels that with the right plan anyone can become successful in this type trading. He feels the key to success in this trading is to be patient and grow slowly and not try to get rich quick.

Jordan feels to be successful you have to stay focused and execute the plan you have created. He feels that most people fail because they get frustrated and get off course or make simple mistakes. He has experience in the financial services sector, asset management and blockchain technology. Jordan previously was the Vice President at Maximum Capital Management from 1999-2001 and is currently an advisor at Energia Global. He also currently serves as the CEO of Prive Information Services.