He is called the Thai Guy and the creator of the celebrated kitchen tool The Habanero Shaker. Joel Friant loves to help people succeed. This is why he decided to encourage success as a well as a sought out trainer. It all started when Joel Friant went into home remodeling and real estate. This eventually led him to the food business in 1995. Joel Friant is noted to have created the very first Thai restaurant in the United States.


At this time, he got started with the idea and created The Habanero Shaker many have come to enjoy. It was the taste of a habanero chile pepper in High School that inspired his product. Joel traveled to Jamaica and tasted more which helped give him more innovative ideas for the shaker. The biggest thing that caught his eye was that no one else was creating such a thing in the U.S. Joel knew this was his opportunity.


The goal was to get people to enjoy the rawness of the pepper with his product. It wasn’t until soon he started selling The Habanero Shaker to grocery stores along with doing his home flipping business. Then in 2003, he decided to take on the mortgage business and help his friends. Next, he was the top lead in sales and build a lending company.


Joel Fiant’s success encouraged him to share the steps he took to many across the globe. Once the world’s 2008 financial crisis hit, he branded and created a riveting concept called “The Income Thermostat.” He continues to publish articles about these steps and teach people who will listen. His seminars are available all over the world. Joel Friant has also become a success in the online world. His products sell on a number of websites for customers to get his desired products.


He didn’t stop there when he took on teaching people about crypto-currencies and training them about the industry. Joel Friant remains a true believer in positive thinking. This is a philosophy he strives to live by and teach about because of its strong effects on being successful. Joel says its all about assuming the risks, being a good teacher and having an entrepreneurial personality.