Jim Toner has enjoyed having a career that is diverse in nature as he has been able to successfully conquer the fields of real estate investing radio talk show host, a speaker who gives out information to the masses, and a consultant that helps businesses take their organizations to the next level. Jim believes that he has the ability to take his services that are seemingly complex and make them what he calls a “user friendly” system so that anyone and any individual can enjoy the benefits of the big boom of real estate so much that individuals have been said to have paid $2,000 to $15,000 worth of travel expenses all over just to see the different investment programs they he has taught many clients across the country. Real estate entrepreneur Toner‘s expertise spans a total of over 25 years and has been able to accomplish when he calls the 12 Little House Plan that teaches an individual to purchase 12 homes as real estate investment property how individuals find their own sense of financial freedom as they take his steps on becoming their own business owner and entrepreneur in the real estate investment realm.

He is not only known for his work with real estate and several on their business ventures but he actively gives his time and his efforts to philanthropic activities such as helping with the homeless and helping with those who are veterans through what is called the Frank and Nilsa McKinney Caring House Project Foundation where he is an active member on the advisory board which is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He also works closely with what is called the Private Client group as he is a coach helping many people with their businesses real estate investment and entrepreneurial activities privately coach them to help their organizations become that much smoother in their operations.

Jim Toner is extremely productive when it comes to each and every day as he likes to begin his day with 30 minutes just clearing his mind and getting himself ready for the events that he has ahead. Jim then goes to the gym and spends his time getting his body in shape and giving him a source to put his stressful energy into and as he works with many people have the world around him crashing down. He wants to have a mindset for them then it’s positive, refreshed, and uplifting as many people are seeking better financial situations and greater finances. He spends a large amount of time reading books where there listening to a Podcast or an audio book multitasking to get a lot of things done simultaneously. Getting enough rest so in between and when necessary so that he will never experience burnout as he continue work so he will be able to stay continually productive. You can find more of his works through his facebook profile.

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