Jeff Herman, the top sexual abuse attorney in America, believes parents should be fully aware of how to properly discuss sexual abuse with their children. In a recent post, Jeff delivered some Vital Tips to Protect Your Kids from Sexual Abuse.


According to Jeff Herman, parents should give their children some good examples of what sexual abuse is and how this type of attack originally begins. Jeff stated that most children do not report being a victim of sexual abuse because they do not know how to recognize sexual abuse. Though this is a tough subject to put on the shoulders of young children, Jeff Herman believes it is extremely important for parents to display examples of sexual abuse to children in a way that they can understand it.


Another point Jeff touched on in his recent post, is how a talk on sexual abuse should be ongoing. Jeff discussed how parents give a 15-minute talk to their children about sexual abuse, and they do not touch on the issue anymore, at all. Jeff stated that children, especially those with electronic devices and video games, can easily forget the one conversation they had with their parents regarding sexual abuse. Jeff’s recommendation is for parents to discuss sexual abuse with their children at least once a week. See This Page for additional information.



Jeff Herman is described as an attorney who will go the distance for sexual abuse victims. Jeff has spent hours talking with victims of sexual abuse, defendants, and specialists, and this has taken place over a span of almost two decades. Jeff knows the exact signs to look for when dealing with sexual abuse cases.


Jeff Herman also knows the perfect information and evidence to give to a judge/jury during a sexual abuse trial. Jeff has been on cable television tons of times to discuss his outstanding work in representing victims of sexual abuse, especially his representation of children who were victims of sexual abuse.



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