Jed McCaleb is the co-founder and CTO of Stellar Development Foundation. He is one of the people who understand the cryptocurrencies industry very well. He joined the industry at its infancy in 2010 and has been one of the greatest innovators in the industry. Since then, he has used his knowledge of the blockchain technology to create a number of innovations which have changed the industry by a great deal. He was the founder of Mt. Gox, an exchange system that was unique. This is an exchange that was being used to transact about 80 percent of all the exchanges that happened at the time. He later sold Mt. Gox. Unfortunately, under a new owner, the platform was hacked and taken down.

Jed McCaleb has been to other organizations. His knowledge of the blockchain industry is so advanced that he is now leading in innovations which have never been heard of before. He has positioned his firm to be the difference in the industry. While others are still stuck in history, he is thinking about the future. Stellar is all about the future of the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. Jed recognizes that there is a need for advanced means of transactions involving cryptocurrencies. For this to happen, there needs to be a secure way of enabling payments using digital currencies.

The biggest project that is being carried out by Stellar right now is one that aims at creating a single system payment system that can be utilized by people who are interested in digital currencies. Until there is a payment system that allows cryptocurrencies transactions, the industry will still lag behind other forms of transactions.

Jed McCaleb is predicting that a single system for digital currencies that will utilize the use of digital tokens is in the offing and very soon, it will be rolled out by Stellar. He also adds that the long-term goal of the company is to create a hybrid payment system that will include fiat currency and traditional assets like shares and stocks. With Jed McCaleb as the head of this company, we’re likely to see great innovations coming into the blockchain industry.

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