Over the course of his professional career Joel Friant has started businesses in a number of different industries. For three different periods of time, for example, he was in the real estate industry. First he was a real estate agent, later on he flipped homes for a profit, and later on he sold home mortgages. He has also written articles and been involved in online seminars sharing his information about how to succeed in life, both in one’s personal life and financially in one’s career.

Some of the biggest success that Joel Friant has experienced is when it comes to food. In 1995, for example, he launched a Thai restaurant that was the first one in America to be fast food. He called himself “The Thai Guy” and built a successful company in Washington state.

It was when he owned his restaurant that Joel Friant decided to professionally explore a passion he had for habanero peppers. After establishing his business plan he started to sell his flagship product which was called The Habanero Shaker. He had made the decision that his shaker would only contain 100% habanero flakes without any other additional ingredients to water it down.

A number of years ago, after having worked on other projects, Joel Friant once again launched his shaker because he had seen a lot of demand for it. It is now called The Original Habanero Shaker. His shaker doesn’t just taste good and really spicy (but not overly so), instead it has health benefits.

Years of research into spicy foods, including habanero peppers, show that they are really quite healthy for people. Hot sauces made up of peppers have been shown in research to kill bacteria. Another huge health benefit is that capsaicin, which Joel Friant’s habanero peppers contain a huge amount of, increase a body’s metabolic rate. This is suspected to help people lose weight, although further research is needed.

Joel Friant has shown that there are other benefits to his product that research supports. This includes the fact that habanero peppers are a great source of both vitamins A and C.