Gareth Henry has been a hard worker ever since he was young. Before becoming the director of Fortress Investment Group, a firm that manages assets, he was a driven mathematician. In 2000, he graduated from college specializing actuarial mathematics, or math relating to risk, uncertainty, probability, and statistics.

After finishing college, Gareth Henry worked at various consulting firms in England and the U.S. Throughout his career, he has had various different positions within past investment firms, including a director of strategic solutions, an investment manager, and an analyst. During his time at these firms, he also learned to manage assets, build business relationships, and market for other companies. He eventually began his career at Fortress Investment Group, a New York-based firm that manages billions of dollars in assets. While working at Fortress Investment Group, he proved to be phenomenal at raising financial returns and increasing capital for thousands of clients around the world.

Ever since he became the director of Fortress Investment Group, Gareth Henry has shown that he is still a hard worker and an excellent leader. One of his most notable accomplishments at Fortress Investment Group include improving sales marketing and client services for Fortress and its business partners. He has also increased Fortress Investment Group’s worth to about $1 billion. Institutional Investors 2011 Hedge Fund 30 Rising Stars.

After building a reputation at Fortress, and eventually becoming renown worldwide for his skills, he began working at Angelo, Gordon & Co, an investment firm that specializes in managing personal assets.

Although most people would not get much excitement from studying math in college, Gareth Henry has proven otherwise. He has shown that you can master anything if you are motivated. Using his ability to asses risk vs. reward and analyze statistics, he has built a career that has improved financial conditions for many countries around the world.