Vijay Eswaran’s life’s story is one characterized by a gradual rise to riches. As a young man, Vijay was never wealthy as he is perceived today.

Starting out from a humbling background, the first job that Vijay Eswaran ever took was being a cab driver. Feeling motivated to succeed in life, Vijay found an opening in network marketing.

Currently, Eswaran boasts a net worth of more than $550 million, wealth that he had never envisioned he would gain possession of in his lifetime. Through network marketing, Vijay has not only been able to change his life for the better but also that of thousands of people from across the globe using his MLM business.

According to QI Group, rising to the top has not been easy for Eswaran. Just like any other successful lad, it has taken effort and strategy for Vijay to overcome a life of poverty.

Some of the techniques that Vijay Eswaran employed in his quest to become a better man was first to overcome his conditioned mind that always convinced him that he could never amount to anything based on his upbringing.

By overcoming his rigid mindset, Vijay later came to believe that you do not need an office job or a good education to succeed in life. Secondly, Vijay Eswaran rose to the top only when he decided to become a servant rather than master.

By working for an auspice similar to his MLM Company, Vijay got acquainted with the tools of the trade helping him create and run a successful business.

Vijay Eswaran also got to learn how to appreciate others, and since then, he has always put the interests of others first. Today, Mr. Eswaran is also an active philanthropist, passionate about giving without expecting anything in return.

Eswaran’s prosperity is also a product of ‘me-time.’ Every day, Vijay spares an hour or two to reflect on things, time that has helped build him into a responsible man.

To reach that place of fulfillment, Vijay Eswaran has been able to endure much, taking one stride at a time. On the brighter side, Eswaran’s patience has not been in vain. By living true to the course, Vijay is now enjoying the fruits of his labor.