There’s some major news from Fortress Investment Group that has the power to affect millions of people throughout the country. Fortress Investment Group’s Brightline has now joined with Richard Branson’s Virgin Group in an amazing partnership. This alliance will benefit many residents across the state of Florida and is a sign of growth for both companies.

Fortress Investment Group will maintain the majority of the investment for Brightline with Virgin Group in charge of the rest. This investment is very strategic and beneficial for Fortress Investment Group. Brightline will also receive a name change to Virgin Trains USA which is expected to be launched in 2019. This new name is expected to bring in droves of new customers who have a chance to travel more frequently on such a reliable train system. View to know more about Fortress Business Credit

Brightline is currently well known and operational in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. This partnership with Virgin Group will also service Orlando and Tampa, Florida to the delight of commuters all across the region. Furthermore, Fortress has major plans to establish a high speed rail line which will service Las Vegas and Southern California. This partnership truly comes at a major time when customers are wanting innovation and something new.

Fortress Investment’s partnership with Virgin Group will also allow customers to experience other businesses by Virgin including their Voyages, Atlantic, and Hotel brands. Brightline also obtained a huge accomplishment when they were granted 1.75 billion in tax exempt bonds for rail line expansion in Orlando, Florida. This merger grants passengers more access to other services by Virgin which is a very well known and highly respected brand.

Fortress has certainly made a sound business decision by partnering with Virgin as the brand has experience operating railroads. Virgin Group has ran a high speed intercity passenger rail system for over 20 years much to the delight of Fortress Investment Group. This experience certainly highlights the start of a sound partnership with Virgin. For more information regarding this merger with Virgin Group, be sure to take a look at the company’s informational website.

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