What is Fabletics?


Fabletics is a company that was founded to provide affordable athleisure wear for women. When it began, it was meant to fill the gap that existed in the market for availability of fashionable clothes that women could wear during workouts. Fabletics is a brand that is known not only for the quality it provides but also the empowerment they provide to women of all ages and sizes. With a simple lifestyle quiz, one is able to identify and get the outfit that best suits them.


Fabletics embracing the use of customer reviews


Fabletics is one of the companies that have taken into account the strong ability for users to influence the sales of a product. Reviews are one of the key sales drivers that have recently come into play in the market. People have embraced the reliability of other people’s views about services and products. Before purchasing anything, people are inclined towards checking out any feedback that has been given online by others to determine whether or not to purchase a product or pay for a particular service. A couple of good reviews will definitely take your sales to the next level.


Fabletics understood the need to satisfy their clients by taking up their reviews. They regularly and constantly follow up on customer reviews and this has earned them a very high rating in the market. With the excellent reviews and recommendations from existing clients, they have been able to grow enormously in the last few years. The turnaround growth and cumulative returns can all be attributed to their persistence in embracing customer reviews. The founders of Fabletics acknowledge that listening and acting on your customers’ needs is a great step in the right direction. Addressing their concerns in a timely manner also ensures that customer loyalty is built and your brand remains significant and a preferred choice in the market.


Fabletics Face and Growth


Kate Hudson is the face of the Company. She was the best suited for this position as her lifestyle represented the brand well. She is an active figure and easy going lady who puts her all in what she believes in. Kate Hudson, the actress, boasts of her success in business and the fact that she was planning to keep doing her best to grow Fabletics. From day one, she has had a hand in actively managing the marketing and social media presence of this brand. She has also made sure that the communication department in the company is well aligned to handle customer queries and needs.


Kate, a co-founder of Fabletics, recently attended an event to celebrate the partnership with Demi Lovato. This was a sign that Fabletics was growing and still stood for a greater course, empowerment, as Demi stated. Kate and her co-founders are continually working towards the production of fashionable athleisure wear that is affordable. The plan of Fabletics is to increase their stores and have an upward growth curve in the next few years with the help of Kate. TechStyle Fashion Group, as the parent company of Fabletics, has played and continues to play an important role in the growth of Fabletics.