Doe Deere runs a powerful and influential beauty empire that’s based out of glittering Los Angeles, California. She has many duties as the Chief Executive Officer of cosmetics brand Lime Crime. She devotes her days to attending meetings. She dedicates them to coming up with thrilling and dynamic new product ideas and concepts as well. There’s more to this makeup wizard than meets the eye, though. The “Queen of Unicorns” has already done so much with her life. Establishing a massive and respected cosmetics empire is just one of them. She used to be a popular musician who performed concerts all over New York, New York. She operated a temporary tattoo business back in her homeland of Russia. Her job at the time was to sell “fake” tattoos to the other students at her school. She promoted the excitement of temporary tattoos masterfully as well.


Deere has a schedule that isn’t exactly serene or quiet. She’s like most other company heads out there in that she has to take care of all sorts of tasks and matters each and every single day of the week. She barely has a second to take a nice breather. She, despite that, is lucky enough to have a wonderful personal life. She’s actually married to a man she first encountered during her New York City musician days ( He’s more than just her significant other, too. He also serves as her trustworthy and efficient business partner. She realized quickly that they have lots of chemistry. Collaborating effectively is never an issue for them.


Achievement isn’t at all a foreign concept to Deere. She encounters ambitious girls all of the time. They admire her and in many cases want to emulate her path. Deere suggests that they go with their guts without fail. She says that they should do that because she considers all human beings to be distinctive individuals who have things to offer the planet. She indicates that people who are aware of that can easily soar and go after their biggest wishes.


Deere has been fond of bizarre and noticeable colors since day one. She complains that locating these kinds of colors was a significant chore roughly a decade ago. The cosmetics world at that time wasn’t that interested in colors that fit into that description. They were more enthusiastic about decidedly more natural and earthy makeup approaches. Subtle colors such as tan and nude were extremely popular back then. Deere was stressed out due to her inability to purchase the colors that intrigued her the most. That’s why she changed her life and began producing striking makeup on her own. She was sick of waiting around for others to do it for her. She realized rapidly that there were so many other women who were just as stressed out as she was about the bleak color options on the market. That’s why her company thrived right off the bat. Lime Crime fans related deeply to Deere and to how her mind works.