Being an alumna of Chicago’s Loyola University Quinlan School of Business where she earned her Master’s degree in business administration, the University of Colorado earning her Doctor of Philosophy degree, and obtaining her Nursing Bachelor of science, Deirdre Baggot has seen many successes. Baggot started off her experience at Northwestern Memorial Hospital as a resource coordinator, nurse, and the manager of the hospital’s administration group. As a healthcare business payment expert, Deirdre has a great passion for the field and aims to improve care for patients and fix the clinical outcomes for a much lower price. Baggot has been able to create and carry out 60 bundles and programs for 200 hospitals, making her mark in the healthcare world. Read more about Deirdre Baggot on crunchbase

Deirdre Baggot has been recognized in plenty of different ways for her major breakthrough with payment bundles in the medical field. For example, Deirdre has been featured on quite a few different radio and podcast programs. Not only this but Baggot has had the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at medical conferences like the Pay-for-Performance Summit and Bundled Payment Congress, the American Heart Association, the Innovation Summit, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, SAS, the American College of Healthcare Executives, the Bundled Payment Summit, Medtronic, and the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

Clearly, it’s no secret that Deirdre Baggot knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to bundle payments and payment reform in the medical field. To become and stay an entrepreneur, Deirdre has chosen to “stick to her guns” when it comes to healthcare because she knows that it’s what she loves and what she excels at. Baggot believes in being the hardest working person in the room at all times, and it has shown through her leadership in her consulting practices and more. Learn more: