Brian Torchin is a leading medical professional and a respected pioneer in his field, specializing sports medicine and physical therapy. He has over a decade of experience in healthcare and utilizes his industry expertise and entrepreneurial knowledge to lead his own staffing agency as Chief Executive Officer. Find out more about Brian Torchin at Wellness.

As the CEO of Health Care Recruitment Counselors and Staffing (HCRC), Brian Torchin connects health care practices and providers with the best candidates available in the US nationwide and across other continents. His years of healthcare industry service and experience running his own medical practice in Philadelphia, PA gives him incredible insight into what his worldwide clients need. His company raises the bar for healthcare providers by offering quality consultation and representing only the finest applicants the market has to offer. Torchin’s aim is improve the medical industry overall by guaranteeing that all practices are staffed by the right medical professionals.

The benefit of employing HCRC services is a long-term relationship with an agency with a purely client-based focus. Brian Torchin’s mission is to bring flexible staffing solutions and results that are based on trust and consistent delivery. HCRC recruits applicants for a wide range of both medical and legal roles and takes pride in filling positions only with those candidates that meet the specific needs of their clients.

Brian Torchin also maintains a blog through his company website for those considering HCRC’s consult and service. He writes posts that help healthcare providers maintain employee engagement, diligence and focus. He outlines to intricacies of running a practice to assist all providers in attracting the best prospective candidates and taking advantage of social networks. Brian Torchin is a networking hub, with hundreds of LinkedIn connections and an active Twitter following in which he promotes positions for active job seekers on behalf of HCRC clients.