AvaTrade is a company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. They are a Forex broker and their software is used by traders around the globe. Many people have questions about AvaTrade including what their fees are, how hard is it to use their software, and how safe they are for investing given some companies the Forex industry are perceived as rather shady.

AvaTrade was launched in 2006 by a group of tech experts deeply skilled with web commerce along with financial professionals. They provide an online platform which provides currency traders a way to buy and sell national currencies. This platform is designed to be simple to use for everyone whether they are new to the Forex market or are seasoned veterans. Unlike stock markets the Forex market has trading going on 24/7. Forex trading can be hard to get started in as it has a steep learning curve, however, AvaTrade provides all of the information one needs to gain experience in being an effective trader.

AvaTrade review note they are  one of the big Forex brokers. Every month about $60 billion is traded by currency traders on its platform. This is largely due to their core values which puts customer relationships as one of the foremost concerns of the company. This includes plainly laying out their fees so that you know exactly what each trade is going to cost you.

AvaTrade is regulated by a number of government entities. This includes the Central Bank of Ireland, FSC, ASIC, BVIFSC, and MiFID. Beyond Dublin they maintain offices in other international cities including New York, Tokyo, Milan, Sydney, and others beyond that. They were one of the first Forex Brokers that enabled commodities, stocks, and indice trading through CFD trading as well.

Depending on how much a trader deposits to get started AvaTrade has four different accounts with increasing benefits. Those who deposit $100 start out in the Silver plan, while those with a $1000 deposit are in the Gold Plan. Depositing $10,000 lands a trader in the Platinum plan while $100,000 puts a trader in the company’s top plan, AVA Select.