When The Best Lawyers In America released its annual list of top lawyers, it was another winning season for Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine. They had been recognized for the exceptional skills of their lawyers in a process that is decided by peers. With over 10,000 lawyers eligible to take part in the voting process a call to vote was announced, and ballots were cast. The publication would then evaluate over 10 million submissions that evaluated a lawyer and his/her area of expertise as described by themselves or by their peers. This was followed by the evaluation of more than 7.8 million votes from all over the world, and finally, the list of lawyers were drawn.

Bruce Katzen was confirmed as the top lawyer in Commercial litigation and the securities/capital markets law. This may not be surprising to those who know Bruce Katzen or those that have worked or defended by him. His understanding of the law is similar to that of his knowledge of the financial sector. He is a certified public accountant something that makes him an expert in both law and finance. This combination may seem as mismatched, but his passion for both fields saw him settle for a compromise that entailed perfecting his law skills as well as his financial skills. Since graduating magna cum laude in 1984 from the University of Miami with his degree in law, he would work towards specializing in corporate law and financial fraud. He was admitted to the Florida bar the same year and began to practice. These years of practice have seen him represent numerous clients and with good results too. Bruce Katzen has always stated that before he takes on a case, he will take his time to study the facts and find out as much as he can about it.