Dave Farbaky founded Aloha Construction Inc. in 2008. Working as its president and chief executive officer, he has grown this from a small firm providing general contracting services in Lake Zurich, Illinois, into one that can work on homes throughout Illinois and well as the southern half of neighboring Wisconsin. Their headquarters remain in Lake Zurich and they opened a second office a few years ago in Bloomington.

Included in the mission statement of Aloha Construction is a dedication to providing the highest quality of service to homeowners and renters who need the home they are occupying repaired. They repair and replace roofing and siding and can also do gutters and downspout. Before they start to work the crew will complete a nine-step inspection process so that every need is identified and addressed. Every Aloha Construction crewmember goes through complete training and they are certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute.

It is the siding of a home that protects it from wind, heat, and moisture. It is thus very important to maintain a home’s siding and inspect it on a regular basis. Some people think modern-day siding like Hardy board and vinyl don’t need maintenance because they are so durable but this is not the case the team at Aloha Construction says.

Maintaining your home’s siding, regardless of its material, will help it protect the home while also positively impacting curb appeal and the value of the home. Aloha Construction says you should go around your home at least once a year in order to make sure nothing is pulling away or gaps and cracks have developed.

Aloha Construction says you should also clean the entirety of your home’s siding at least once annually. What you use to clean the siding depends on what material it is made of. This will clear away dirt, debris, and any bugs that have set up shop.