Rubica Prevents Use Of Ransomware

After I was hacked I decided I needed to become more involved in cyber news. I found that President Trump recently signed an order to ensure that cyber security throughout the country would be taken more seriously. The WannaCry attacks in 2017 are a good example of what kind of damage hacking can cause. In the years between 2013 and 2015, cyber attacks have quadrupled and are estimated to cost $500 billion. The government is also using billions of dollars in order to protect themselves against hacking.

If you, like me, realize the importance of avoiding ransomware, you should consider working with Rubica. They are a cyber protecting company that is easy to use and protects you from any hacks or threats to your information. They are able to help their clients by determining what their normal internet activity is. They then carefully monitor it to watch for strange activity. Their team of professional analysts will immediately take action and let you know. You simply download the Rubica app, sign up, and they do the rest for you. You can also get a free cyber audit that they complete in 30 minutes. This will clear up any questions you might have.

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Phishing Season

Cybercrime is on the rise and many are ignorant of the threat. The issue is so clear that both Obama and Trump are on the same page. Obama proposed $19 billion cybersecurity budget and Trump signed an executive order focused on building digital defense. Estimates for damages caused by cybercrime range between $300-$500 billion for 2013-2015 (YahooNews) . Recently, hospitals in the UK suffered ransomware attacks, many think it’s the tip of the iceberg.


Ransomware is a malicious code that hackers can easily deploy via “phishing” scams. I was recently victim of a phishing scam that made me rethink my safety. Phishing involves sending victims a seemingly legitimate email that appears to be from someone they know that includes a link and/or attachment. Once this link/attachment is clicked, the malicious code (which ranges from ransomware, Trojan horse, etc) takes effect. Ransomware is a popular new method for hackers to lock your computer and demand payment to regain access.


Luckily there are companies like Rubica that are now offering personal cyber security that rival the protection big corporations and institutions employ for themselves. Just signing up and downloading their app provides 24 hour security monitoring.


Quality Litigation From Karl Heideck

     If you are in need of a lawyer in the greater Philadelphia area, Karl Heideck provides you with a great option. He is an excellent litigator who has been in business in a variety of capacities for more than 10 years. If you have never had to hire a beginner before, this can be a potentially cumbersome situation. To make the situation a little bit easier for yourself, you need to learn more about what litigators do and how you can get help through them. With this in mind, consider these guidelines below so that you are in a very good position to make the right hire for any sort of litigator.

What kind of work does a litigator handle?

If you need to get a clear idea of what litigators do, look no further than your legal system. Any time that a case goes to court, a number of litigators handle it in a variety of capacities. The areas of interest that these professionals handle include research, preliminary hearings, discovery and a lot of the other legal processes that come with the territory.

What kind of education does a litigator possess?

Litigators tend to begin with a four-year bachelor’s degree, before moving on to law school. At law school, these professionals receive a JD, which allows them to practice law once they pass their state bar exam and receive full accreditation.

Why should I hire Karl Heideck?

Anytime that you are in need of a quality litigator, Karl Heideck is the professional you should turn to. He specializes in a few areas of litigation — to include risk management and compliance.

In addition to more than a decade of legal experience, Karl Heideck stands out because he graduated at the top of his class at Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law. He has worked in a variety of specializations, such as securities fraud and governmental investigation.

When you need any sort of litigator in the Philadelphia area, reach out to Karl Heideck.

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George Street Photo and Video is the Best Wedding Photographer in Chicago

One important factor to consider when planning a wedding is the photographer. With it being your big day, you want to capture the special moments. Chicago residents will tell you that one of the best wedding photographers in the city is George Street Photo & Video.

George Street Photo & Video was created by three friends, whose purpose for the business was to provide high-quality photos and video. Their attention to detail and their stylish photos quickly caught on with customers. Couples began to book the company to snap photos for their wedding.

Ten years after its creation, George Street Photo & Video’s popularity continues to grow. Not only do couples continue to book their services, but they the company has also expanded their business to other cities besides Chicago.

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